Wealth Builder 10

Step 1- Start. Now
Start now. Not later, not tomorrow, not Monday, but right now.
Step 2- Reject Jones-itis
Reject the financially broke world around you.
Step 3- Act Like a Wealth Builder
Act like a Wealth Builder, day in and day out.

Step 4- Run Your Life Like a Business
Take charge of the most important business in the world. Yours.
Step 5- Develop Your FLG (Financial Life Goal)
Know where you are headed.

Step 6-You Gotta Know Your Starting Point
Identify, define and understand your financial snapshot (your financial worth).
Step 7- Be the Boss of Your Business Profits
Truly understand your profits, and more importantly, how to manage your business.
Step 8- Track Your FLG Progress
Track your progress and modify and adapt your actions to keep you headed toward your Financial Life Goal.
Step 9- Six Biggies to Keep in the Mix
Focus on six important concepts that will fuel and empower your financial journey.
Step 10- Discover YOUR Pace
Discover your personal pace on your Wealth Building Journey.


1.  Return on your long-term investments will average 8.5%.  For projecting purposes, an 8.5% return is assumed on investments held for five years or more.  This allows for a net return assumption that leans toward the conservative side, as well as factors in tax considerations.
2.  Income and expenses (cost of living) are held constant at today’s dollar vlaue.  By holding both constant, it allows you to use simple calculations to determine and project what your future financial results will be in today’s dollars. In many cases, this proves to be a conservative approach because your personal income increases at a faster rate than personal expenses, which allows for a great amount available for investments.
 3. Retirement withdrawal rate will not exceed 5%.  This is the percentage you withdraw from your retirement funds each year to live on, once you reach retirement age.  Experts generally agree on a  withdrawal rate of 4-6% to insure that your investments will adequately provide for you during your retirement.  Obviously, the less you withdraw, the better.  Wealth Builder 10 uses a 5% withdrawal rate.  For example, if your investments are worth $1,000,000, you can withdraw $50,000 annually during retirement.
4.  Social Security payments will cover 25% of cost-of-living expenses during retirement.  I do believe that Social Security payments will represent a portion of your retirement funds, probably in the range of 20-30% for the average person.  For example, if you anticipate your cost-of-living expenses during retirement to be $70,000, you can plan for Social Security to cover at least 25% or $17,500 of your expenses.  The balance of $52,500, or 75%, will be covered from other investment withdrawals.  As you get closer to the time when Social Security payments will be withdrawn, you can adjust your plan accordingly.
  5.  You are living within your means.  This may be an obvious assumption, but I just want to be clear.  Wealth Builder 10 is based on a broad assumption that you are currently living within your means (your income exceeds your expenses) or that by using the 10 Steps you can adjust your financial life to accomplish this in a relatively short period of time ( in less than two years).