Have You Hit the Wall?

have-you-hit-the-wallThere’s a term they use in marathon running called “hitting the wall”.  Usually around mile 19 of the 26.2 mile race is when you experience such a thing.  It’s at that point in the race when you begin to question if the finish line is even possible. You start asking yourself, “Can I really do this?”


I experienced “hitting the wall” in my first marathon many years ago.  Fortunately I was able to regroup, refocus and stumble my way to the finish line.   But I have to admit, it wasn’t a particularly rewarding experience and a big part of me never wanted to run again until a friend recommended I try the Jeff Galloway Running Program.  The Galloway concept is built on a common sense idea that by combining both running and walking you develop a pace that allows you to accomplish some uncommon results.

Sounds familiar: A common sense approach to achieving uncommon results. 

Based on my own personal failures and watching those around me repeatedly “hit the financial wall” of wealth building, I realized that for there to be any long-term financial success, it’s critical we discover our wealth building PACE.  Without understanding how to pace our wealth building, odds are we’ll either detour for periods of time or tragically, quit altogether.  We can’t let that happen.

So how do you discover YOUR pace? 

To discover your pace, you’ll need to tap into what I call the Seven Attitude Action Drivers.  Combined with my Wealth Builder 10 Steps I’m convinced you’ll not only discover your pace, but more importantly how to maintain it during your lifetime financial run.

Driver 1: Desire
It all starts with having a desire; not to just build wealth, but uncommon wealth.  Think about how the first four steps of Wealth Builder 10 reinforce and fuel your desire to succeed.

Step 1-Start, Now
Step 2-Reject Jonesitis
Step 3-Act Like a Wealth Builder
Step 4-Run Your Life Like a Business

Driver 2: Vision
When we clarify our vision (the finish line) on paper it becomes a constant reality driver.
Step 5-Define Your Financial Life Goal (FLG) allows you to know the constant direction of your financial race.

Driver 3: Determination
No doubt, to achieve anything of significance requires determination.  The feedback you’ll receive from Steps 5-9 are loaded with mile markers to help you positively stay motivated and driven.  Without constant feedback you’ll run risk off veering off course.

Driver 4: Intensity
An important aspect of determining your pace is to recognize that there are times you have to approach wealth building with intensity; an all-out sprint.  Granted, you can’t sprint the entire race, but using the Wealth Builder 10 Steps will alert you to those times you need to pick up the pace, i.e. sprinting from Step 2- Reject Jonesitis.

Driver 5: Relaxation
While some situations call for intensity, the counter balance of relaxation is also needed. It’s during these times you reflect, regenerate, and refocus on your destination.  The steps of Wealth Builder 10 cause you to build relaxation into your life, particularly during budgeting, Step 7.

Driver 6: Confidence
For you to stay on track day in and day out, you must have the confidence that the actions you take today will achieve your dreams in the future, your FLG.  Step 7, Be The Boss of Your Business Profits and Step 8, Track Your FLG Progress, give you the tools you need to control and see for yourself how your actions are moving you towards your financial finish line.

Driver 7: Focus
Through daily prayer and meditation you can hone your focus to those things in your life that will produce not just uncommon wealth, but yield a path to an uncommon life.

I’m convinced that by applying these Seven Attitude Action Drivers to your common sense wealth building strategy you’ll be able to maintain a pace that ensures you get to your finish line strong.  However…..

Before you move on too quickly, pause for moment and reflect on the pace of your life; do you feel like you’re hitting that wall?  If you do, I hope you can draw some encouragement from these words.

On a personal note, on September 18th, I’ll be using the Jeff Galloway Method of running a minute and walking a minute to maintain a solid pace as I complete the Santa Fe Thunder half marathon.

Finish strong, and see you next week!