Am I Annoying You Yet?

Am I Annoying You Yet-
I recently read in a Michael Hyatt blog“When you get tired of hearing yourself and you think that everyone is starting to get annoyed, you’re about half done.”  He goes on to say, “The truth is, you can’t over-communicate. It’s impossible. Here are five reasons why this is true:
  1. People can’t read your mind.
  2. People forget.
  3. People get distracted.
  4. People haven’t bought your rationale.
  5. People drift off course.

After reading his blog I realized that I’m probably not that annoying and more importantly, I’m not even halfway there in communicating to you that there is a simple, common sense approach to building wealth that will guide you to take control of your financial life and ultimately achieve an “uncommon life”.

If you don’t have a financial plan or guide, I encourage you to take a deep breath, zoom up to 30,000 feet to hover over and visualize your financial life, if you adopted my ten simple steps, The Wealth Builder 10.  Maybe for the first time you’ll begin to see how these steps align with each other to create a clear path to your financial dreams.

The Wealth Builder 10

Step 1:  Start. Now. Start now. Not later, not tomorrow, not Monday, but right now.

Step 2:  Reject Jones-itis.  Reject the financially broke world around you.

Step 3:  Act Like a Wealth Builder.  Act like a Wealth Builder, day in and day out.

Step 4:  Run Your Life Like a Business.  Take charge of the most important business in the world-Yours.

Step 5:  Develop Your FLG (Financial Life Goal).  Know where you are headed.

Step 6:  You Gotta Know Your Starting Point.  Identify, define and understand your financial snapshot (your financial worth).

Step 7:  Be the Boss of Your Business Profits.  Truly understand your profits, and more importantly, how to manage your business. How to make a budget really work.

Step 8:  Track Your FLG Progress.  Track your progress and modify and adapt your actions to keep you headed toward your Financial Life Goal.

Step 9:  Six Biggies to Keep in the Mix.  Focus on six important concepts that will fuel and empower your financial journey.

  • Achieve Debt-Free Status
  • Build Your Emergency Fund
  • Develop Your Financial Team
  • Protect Your Wealth with the Right Insurance
  • Teach Your Kids About Money
  • Stay Informed

Step 10:  Discover YOUR Pace.  Discover your personal pace on your Wealth Building Journey.

If your financial light bulb went off as you read down through the steps, congrats.  But don’t let it stop there. My book, Common Sense to Uncommon Wealth will guide you, in a little over hundred pages, how to incorporate these ten steps into your financial life.  You can also receive for free my interactive forms for Steps 6-7-8 by visiting my website.

As I’ve said on many occasions, I would be honored to help you build wealth and realize an “uncommon life”.

See you next week.