10 Things That Make a House a Home

IMG_20160406_115619766This blog is dedicated with much respect and admiration to KA, KA, KC, KC, LP, ND and AD as you maneuver through real life home building.

As I hung out the welcome sign for our weekend guests I had one of those random thoughts, from out of nowhere:

What makes a house a “home”?

I suspect if you are reading this we share the same desire to not just have a house, but a house that we can call “home”.

So, what does it take?

As I reflected, certain words and phrases started coming to mind. Not that these are absolutes and are all encompassing, but I do think they carry some importance to remind us of what really makes a house a home.


Love: No home can be complete without this most important, one ingredient, called Love.
Safety: Regardless of location, size or expense, the walls and roof of a home should be a safe space for kids, grandkids, grandparents, friends and neighbors.
Security: Financial clarity and security allows a family to live joyfully; not as worrisome or quarrelsome housemates. Check out my Wealth Builder 10 steps for a little guidance in this area.
Wisdom: Continually praying for Godly wisdom and direction for all things that make up your home.
Cornerstone: Make sure your home is centered on the important things of life, not what the Jones are doing in their house next door. Keep Jonesitis out of your home!
Foundation: Dedicating a room or area for prayer, quiet time and meditation insures your home is built on a rock solid foundation.
Great Rooms: Design your home around the kitchen and dining areas. Families are built around the kitchen and mealtime experience. Moments around meals that have been prayed over become building blocks for future individuals and families.
Special Effects: Designing family experiences around special fixtures (like a pool table), appliances (like a stovetop cooking island) and gadgets (like outdoor speakers) can create many fond home memories. (*Caution: make sure it’s about creating family moments and not keeping up with the Jones’ latest and greatest gotta haves).
Seasoning: Every home needs a little seasoning of either Pets, Plants or Art. Maybe all three.
Opened Doors: Opening the doors to your home to a greater cause, i.e., youth group gatherings, Bible studies, neighborhood socials, creative circles, etc., enriches the bones of your home.

Whether you’re building from the ground up, embarking on a total renovation, selling to lessen your financial burden, downsizing to pursue a higher calling, doing minor cosmetic upgrades, or simply buying a new rug, with a little imagination and intentionality you can always create the home of your dreams, wherever you choose to live.

So, what makes your house a home? I’d love to hear from you.

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