Replacing Fear With Hope

replacingAs I counseled Bill and Sally the other day, the message of this blog started revealing itself.   I was once again reminded of what a delicate balance there is between financial fear and financial hope.

As we journeyed together over several hours of conversation, I witnessed Bill and Sally’s fear slowly evolving into hope.

Not in all cases, but in most, I’ve found that we allow fear to sit on top of our financial lives instead of hope because (1) we simply don’t believe it’s possible to build wealth and (2) we simply don’t know how and therefore we fear what we don’t know.

 I’m here to assure you it is possible and I’d like to share a very simple and common sense approach that will work.

So, I’ve  compressed all those hours of conversation with Bill and Sally into a bullet pointed road map that hopefully will assure you or reassure you, that once you zero in on some basic information and knowledge, you can replace your fear with hope.

Preparing for the Journey
First, I asked both Bill and Sally to read my book.  In a little over hundred pages of reading they were able to understand a very simple ten step approach to building wealth and achieving their financial dreams.

Next, they completed together the Financial Survey from my website.  It’s a great tool for consolidating your financial life into one document.  It provided the basic information for them to move through the Wealth Builder 10 process below.

And lastly, before we met face-to-face, I asked them to complete two simple forms found on my website; their Wealth Snapshot (Step 6) and the monthly budget section of the Business Profit Report (Step 7).

Navigating the Route
When I met with Bill and Sally we reviewed the Wealth Builder 10 steps below along with their wealth snapshot and monthly budget. Then it happened.  With a little creative nudging they began to see that the fear they felt was nothing more than a lack of information and knowledge.  As they gained both information and knowledge the fear that had been controlling their financial lives was replaced with hope. They can now move forward with confidence in constructing a financial plan that will equip them to build wealth and have a more secured future.

Arriving at Your Destination
Is my ten step method the only way to build wealth?  Of course not, but if your hope is fading, you’ve fallen into a fearful financial journey or just feeling uneasy, Common Sense to Uncommon Wealth will show you a path of financial hope.

Wealth Builder 10 Steps
Step 1-Start. Now!  Not later, not tomorrow, not Monday, but right now.

Step 2-Reject “Jonesitis”. Reject the way the financially broke world around you operates.

Step 3-Act like A Wealth Builder. Start thinking like a wealth builder because you are a wealth builder.

Step 4- Run Your Life like a Business. Take charge of the most important business in the world: Yours.

Step 5-Develop Your Financial Life Goal (FLG). Know where you are headed.

Step 6-Know Your Starting Point.  Identify, define, and understand your financial position.

Step 7-Be the Boss of Your Business Profits. Truly understand your monthly budget and the profits your business is generating.

Step 8-Track Your Financial Life Goal.  Track your progress and modify and adapt your actions to keep you headed toward your Financial Life Goal.

Step 9-Six Biggies You Gotta Keep in the Mix. Debt-free status, an emergency fund, a financial team, the right insurance, financial education for your kids, and staying informed.

Step 10-Discover Your Pace. Discover your personal pace for completing your Wealth Building journey.

Don’t let financial fear or financial uneasiness keep you and your family from experiencing an uncommon life.  With a little bit of information and knowledge you can quickly see a path forward.
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