7 Teammates You Need to Build Uncommon Wealth

vintage_bw_football_huddle-resized-600There I was, back in the huddle, arms locked around my fellow teammates, waiting for the quarterback to call the next play. As his words and face came into focus I realized something was wrong, something was very wrong. Not only did I not recognize the quarterback, the play being called seemed like a foreign language and for some unexplainable reason all my teammates had changed to different colored jerseys. Yes, a rather forceful tackle had taken my wits. As the reality of the moment began to come into focus I realized I was in the wrong huddle with the wrong teammates.

When it comes to wealth building most people simply don’t know who they need on their team, and what characteristics their teammates need to embrace. And how would they? As I’ve said on many occasions, nobody teaches us this stuff.

So let’s make sure you’re in the right huddle, with the right teammates as you build uncommon wealth. This team is made up of seven key players that can assist you in controlling, protecting and building your wealth.

Let me introduce you to your team. As I introduce you, go ahead and write in their name. It’s a great visual exercise:
Financial Planner: ______________________
CPA: _________________________________
Personal Banker: ________________________
Attorney: ______________________________
Insurance Agent: ________________________
Doctor/Nurse Practitioner: ________________
Spiritual Mentor: ________________________

Do you have any blanks? Now is a good time to start scouting potential team players who understand and acknowledge your game plan as you work through the wealth building process. Depending on where you are in the game will dictate when and to what extent you need to be interacting with various team players.

But a word of caution, here. It’s more than just filling the position. Each of your team players must share the characteristics below, not just some of them, but all of them.  The eight “musts” are:

Share your high level of ethics
Be honest and straightforward with you
Communicate in words you can understand
Understand your current and future needs
Be responsive to your calls
Be at the top of their field or have the potential
Have fees that are fair and competitive
Understand your FLG (Step 5)

If you just aren’t sure where to start or your team is missing a few players, let me send you my free financial survey. It’s an interactive form that helps you gather your financial information into a very user friendly format. As you start or continue building your team the information captured within the survey will be invaluable.

Also, this might also be a good time to forward this blog to your current team for a quick “musts” review.

As you build wealth following my Wealth Builder 10 steps, over time each of these seven vital positions will be filled; filled with teammates who all bring their abilities and character traits to form an uncommon team dedicated to helping you build wealth, the right way.

Enjoy building your “uncommon” team.

Jeff Pinkerton
Guiding Folks to Uncommon Wealth

P.S. I’m always looking for team players to help my readers. If you know of someone who meets the “musts” above please let me know.