Earl Campbell Was My Backup

earl-campbellwasmy-backupYou read the caption right. THE Earl Campbell was my backup on our high school football team.  Impressive, huh? Now, I must say, that’s only a piece of my football career’s story.

But now that I have your attention, let me share a little common sense about a topic that’s not very exciting, except when you need it. And much like my football story, unless you know the whole story, one piece can be misleading. The topic?  Insurance.

Most of the time we talk about how to build wealth, with very little emphasis on how to protect it.  How devastating would it be for you to work like crazy for years and years to build wealth, only to have it taken away because you didn’t adequately fit all your insurance pieces together?

In my blog way back in February I identified the “must” qualities of a team player insurance agent.  Hopefully you’ve secured the right agent to help develop your insurance strategy to reflect a complete wealth building umbrella of protection.

Realize that one size doesn’t fit all, and your coverage and policies will need to be modified to fit your personal situation.  This is where the right agent becomes critical to adjust your coverage to your needs. Also, certain types of insurance may not be applicable to your current age or wealth status; but make a mental note now because that time is coming.

Many factors go into each insurance decision, but I’ve found for most of us these basic policies will protect you and your family as you navigate your financial journey:

  • Auto
  • Health
  • Homeowners or Renters
  • Identity Theft
  • Term-life and Disability
  • Umbrella Policy
  • Long-term Care

Think of this list as a “checklist” conversation starter with your agent. Are there other types of coverage that can benefit your wealth building?  Possibly, but be very wary.  Always make sure your agent helps you align your coverage with your Financial Life Goal (FLG).

So now, for the rest of the Earl Campbell story:

When I showed up for my senior year as the starter on my John Tyler High School football team, little did I know that a new sophomore by the name of Earl Campbell would be walking into the locker room.  As quick as you could say, “that guy is supernatural” my senior starting position status became a memory for me to talk about in the future as “the good old days”.  And now you know how all the pieces of my football career’s story fit together.

Your financial dreams are too important not to be covered properly covered.  Make sure all your insurance pieces fit together.  Don’t get knocked off your financial journey when those insurance situations happen because they will.

Take action now.