Can I Give You $100,000?

$100,000waterglassI’ve reposted my “$100,000 water glass money saving idea” below. Over the last month, many of you have not only referenced this blog, but told me about your  common sense money saving ideas, too.  Next month I’m going to send out a summary sharing all of your common sense money saving ideas.

Do me a favor and send me your common sense money saving ideas.  Big or small.  You never know how your idea will help someone else.


All of us have dollars passing through our fingers day after day, throughout our life.  These dollars can either slip through our fingers or can be shaped into the fuel that drives our wealth building.

I call these dollars Magic Dollars: money that can either disappear or allow us to live our dreams.  And guess what? Magic Dollars are all around us, if we just look for them.

So how about that $100,000?

Visualize a glass of water sitting next to you.  If you pick it up and drink from it, it doesn’t have any effect on your wealth building.  However, if you pick it up and drink from it like it has Magic Dollar potential, it suddenly becomes a $100,000 glass of water.

Let me explain:
For the better part of 20 years I’ve been taking my own water glass into my favorite casual eating establishments. And when I didn’t want to totally embarrass my kids in public toting my personal water glass everywhere when we went out to eat as a family, I would choose to order only water.

You see, early on I calculated my choice of drinking water as Magic Dollars.  On the conservative side, say, five times a month, I choose to drink free water over paying for a $2.25 (on average) tea or other beverage at a restaurant, which adds up to $11.25 a month.  God willing, I plan to be on this earth another 30 years.  Over a 50 year span, simply by drinking water five times a month and not purchasing another type of beverage my Magic Dollars turn into $100,000.  Yes, it’s afact.  Investing $11.25 a month for 50 years will generate $100,000, not to mention the health benefits.  And guess what?  My kids, once they got over being embarrassed, became big Magic Dollar water drinkers, too.

Welcome to the world of acting like a Wealth Builder. And realize that if you act like Wealth Builder, you will become a Wealth Builder, which is Step 3: “Act Like a Wealth Builder” in my Wealth Builder 10 Step Plan.

Can you imagine all the Magic Dollars around you?  Email me your top Magic Dollar experiences!

Jeff Pinkerton

Guiding Folks to Uncommon Wealth