Life According to Gus

IMG_20160413_181724429We recently adopted a new member to our family from the local SPCA. We named him “Gus”. I must confess that during this young puppy phase I’ve had some frustrating and impatient moments when I think he’ll never grasp the concept of obedience.

Then it happens. Boom. In the blink of any eye, Gus sits! A celebration breaks out. After days and days of learning commands, Gus connects the word “sit” with a sitting response to receive his reward. Yes, a happy moment at the Pinkerton home.

Like a lot of things in life, I thought I was in control and doing the teaching, but in essence, I became the student. As I reflected on his training I realized Gus was teaching me  more about life strategies than I was teaching him about how to be a well-behaved dog; real life strategies that could be applied not only to wealth building, but to almost any area of life.

Read through Gus’s training program below and see how these strategies can be applied to your everyday life, particularly in your wealth building:

1. Focus on the end result
2. Be patient
3. Keep it simple
4. Start with small steps and build
5. Acknowledge success
6. Reward
7. Repeat

I’m convinced that in following these strategies, Gus will turn out to be an uncommon dog and a wonderful family companion for many years to come.

Ironically, in the middle of one of Gus’s training sessions (or should I say in the middle of my training), I received the text below from Paul and Laura in Houston. Knowing Gus like I do, I think he would claim Paul and Laura were using his seven life strategies. But between you and me, I know that they have put my Wealth Builder 10 Steps to work in their lives and they are seeing fantastic results. From Paul and Laura………

sequoia“Paul and I definitely got “Jonesitis” (*Step 2: Reject Jonesitis) as we needed a new car. I really wanted a new Suburban, but we decided to be wise and get a super reliable car. And we did. For $5,300 we were able to buy a Toyota Sequoia with only 97,000 miles. Feels good to do the right thing even though it wasn’t exactly what we wanted, WE OWN IT!!!! Toyota Sequoias are supposed to be great! Thought I would share.”

Stories like this one continue to encourage and inspire me and hopefully others that a simple, straightforward, common sense approach will not only generate uncommon wealth, but an uncommon life.

Keep sending me your “uncommon life” success stories.