Is a Cookie All We Need?


Is a Cookie All We Need?

It was Wednesday afternoon, and we needed to confirm the final numbers for our quarterly men’s breakfast group at 6:31am on Friday. To entice more RSVP’s, we decided to announce that we would be serving Tom Brown Cookies with our usual breakfast tacos.  I texted the meeting notice out, and I kid you not, within minutes my phone was blowing up with breakfast confirmations.   What looked like a somewhat average gathering quickly turned into a record-breaking celebration with the added star power of Tom Brown Cookies.

At that Friday morning gathering I marveled at how something as simple as a cookie could create an opportunity for individuals to meet, connect and share on a whole new level. Everyone there seemed to have their own version of when they tasted their first Tom Brown Cookie.

What’s this Tom Brown Cookie story, anyway?

So, I went to source, Tom Brown (yes, the gentleman in the photo is The Tom Brown) to uncover the story and “cookie wisdom” behind his famous cookies.

A little over fifty years ago, a young Tom Brown sat watching his grandmother make chocolate chip cookies.  (I suspect she was making more than cookies during those early days, but also helping to mold a young man.)  Years later Tom headed off to college with a box of her cookies gently nuzzled in an old cornflake cereal box along with the wisdom she shared with him from her kitchen stove.  

Even though grandma’s cookies were good, they weren’t the best. It was during his college days Tom committed to finding the perfect blend of the best ingredients to make the best chocolate chip cookie ever.  And he did.

But here’s where the story takes the uncommon turn.  Tom didn’t create the perfect cookie to sell for a profit, but to give as a gift; a gift meant to connect with others, and in so doing, add value to their lives.  For the last twenty-six years he has gifted over 250,000 Tom Brown Cookies to friends, clients, associates, Presidents of the United States, church gatherings and various non-profits (who in turn use the cookies to raise funds), not just all over the Tyler, Texas area, but all over the state of Texas and beyond. 

Stop for a minute and think about how much time, effort, resources and money goes into making and baking 250,000 cookies from your kitchen oven. Remember, these aren’t the slice-and-bake kind. These are made from scratch with the best ingredients.

So, why do it, Tom Brown?

In was in Tom’s answer to the “why” I found the true message in his cookie wisdom:

  • It shows unconditional love
  • It builds relationships
  • It comforts people in times of need
  • It opens doors to friendships
  • It creates personal and business opportunities……
    “But, mainly the reason I do it…..I love people.”

Not only can we recognize and celebrate how one person is living an uncommon life by adding value to others one cookie at a time, but we can also be inspired to find our own special gift that allows us to add value to others, too. You may recall from a previous blog I refer to these type of “leave behind gifts” as great on-ramps into others’ lives. Maybe your gift could be a simple note, a hand crafted blanket, a framed photo or picture, a jar of homemade preserves, a special spice or soup mix, a surprise visit, a bookmark, or a friendly phone call, to suggest a few.

When we take the time out of our busy lives to add uncommon value to someone else’s life we can experience the joy of living an uncommon life ourselves.

So, what will be your story?

Let me hear from you.

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P.S.  Guys, if you are in the Tyler, TX area, our next men’s breakfast is Friday, October 28, 6:31am at WeHope Ranch.  Come hear 98-year old Orville Rogers share his life story.  And yes, we’ll have breakfast tacos and Tom Brown Cookies.