FRIENDSHIP: Going from Common to Uncommon


Over the last year I’ve shared how we can move from the common to the uncommon in many facets of our life to enhance our uncommon journey. But one topic we haven’t talked about is friendship.  No matter where your friendships are on the friendship meter, I am hopeful that my words today will guide you toward more meaningful friendships; uncommon friendships.

So, how do we develop and maintain an uncommon friendship?


Realizing our need-It all starts with us realizing that we all need special people in our lives, in our families and outside our families, to truly experience an uncommon life.

Being intentional-Developing friends, particularly uncommon friends requires us be intentional with our actions.  We have to make it a priority to not just have mere acquaintances, but true friends. Without intentionality you run the risk of isolation overtaking your life.

Being transparent-The journey to uncommon friends is rooted in moments of transparency. It’s in these moments you share fears, joys, anxieties, failures, health issues, financial burdens and family issues.

Showing emotion-Feeling free to reveal your emotions, whether joy or sadness, laughter or tears, will deepen the transformation from common to the uncommon.

Talking or not-An uncommon relationship is not only built on needed conversation, but on the silence of “just being there”.  Knowing the difference is vital to a strong relationship.

Making yourself available-Uncommon friends realize being available is based on your friend’s schedule, not your own.

Sharing life-Life experiences aren’t created in a vacuum.   Until we share life experiences the uncommon life just won’t happen.

Speaking truth and honesty-True friends realize that speaking truth and honesty is key to building an uncommon foundation.

Being patient-Realize that uncommon friendships develop over time and usually in small increments, so patience is key.

Being uncommon-It’s impossible to experience an uncommon friendship unless both individuals are committed to the uncommon.  If you want to have an uncommon friend, be an uncommon friend.
I’m convinced if you incorporate these actions into your life, your friendships will be greatly enhanced and flourish; but if you really want to move your friendships into a realm few experience, add this…

Praying-Pray not just silently for each other, but pray together, lifting up each other’s joys and concerns. One of the most powerful, if not the most powerful things uncommon friends do is pray for each other.

It seems to me a truly uncommon life must encompass uncommon friends.  As you start to think about your 2017 goals and dreams, maybe this is the year the common in your life becomes the uncommon, especially when it comes to making and sustaining friendships.