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Recently we were honored to host Alan and Dorothy Graham, an energetic Irish-born couple who are missionaries in Africa.  The last night they were here Alan asked me, “Jeff, what disturbs you”?  It was this simple question that led me down a new path of how people can discover and pursue a true vision for their life, an uncommon vision.

To show the process at work, I’ve included three real life examples: Kathryn, Alan and Kirk, and how they are taking their vision and putting it into action.  For example:

Kathryn became very heartbroken and disturbed when many of her friends started getting divorced.

When Alan read in the local Zimbabwe newspaper that newborn babies were being thrown into the gutter because no one wanted them, he became outraged; disturbed.

Seeing college kids turning away from their Christianity not only disturbed Kirk, but brought great sadness.

So, what disturbs you?

As you review these seven steps, keep an open mind and lean into the questions to help you discover your “Uncommon Vision”:

1. Acknowledge– Know that you have been given an uncommon vision.  God has put a specific vision in you that the world desperately needs.
2. Seek– Ask God to reveal His uncommon vision for you.  It starts by going to The Source and asking for divine guidance.
3. Declare what disturbs you– Ask yourself, what’s the one thing that disturbs you most in your life, your community, your family, your world, etc.?
4. God’s view– Imagine what God would say about what disturbs you. Does it disturb Him? What do you think He might say to you about it?
5. Pray, meditate, talk-Now that you and God are both disturbed, let your mind start to move from disturbance to a vision of action.  Through prayer, mediation and talking to others about your disturbance, a vision will be revealed.
6. Crystalize-As you work through the previous step crystalize your vision plan into one sentence; a mission statement.  A clear, concise vision will yield a path of action.
7. Positive Outcome-A vision built on what disturbs you and God, grounded in Godly prayer and meditation, and the wisdom of Godly people surrounding you will produce amazing results; not because of your actions, but because it’s truly a God thing.


reengagelogoKathryn’s Uncommon Vision and Path of Action
Vision: Kathryn and Jack Morse joined together to save marriages in East Texas by offering a marriage enrichment program, ReEngage at Marvin United Methodist, that examines God’s design for marriage and applies principles from the Bible to guide couples toward growth in their relationship with each other.
Path of Action:  By pursuing what disturbed her greatly, in just a few short years their diligence with the ReEngage program has enriched hundreds of marriages and saved many headed for divorce.

Alan’s Uncommon Vision and Path of Actionzimorphancare
Vision:  Alan and Dorothy combined their efforts to save orphaned and abandoned babies, aka “throw away” babies in Zimbabwe by starting Zimbabwe Orphan Care.
Path of Action:  They have rescued thirteen beautiful “throw away babies” who now refer to them as “Daddy and Mummy”.   See the video.



xacfnowebtnKirk’s Uncommon Vision and Path of Action
Vison:  Kirk and Kristi Armstrong are in the progress of developing a plan to transform their ranch property into a training experience for emerging Christian leaders to become better equipped to take the hopeful message of Jesus Christ to students on college campuses through the Chi Alpha Campus Ministries program.
Path of Action:  It is in the early stages of unfolding, but God’s crystalized vision is taking shape, as Godly men and women are being drawn to their ranch for Godly training.

Can we imagine a world where Godly people live uncommon lives, proclaiming and acting upon their uncommon vision?

So, what disturbs you?