My Promise –  That I will deliver an inspiring common sense message on how to build wealth the right way that yields uncommon wealth generating life and joy.

My Audiences and Topic – My inspiring message is built around ten simple steps to building wealth the right way, Wealth Builder 10. By speaking the language of my audience, I’m able to weave an appropriate message that gives the audience a common sense understanding of how to build uncommon wealth- Uncommon Wealth that yields life and joy.

My talk is tailor-made to the personality and characteristics of each audience:

Church Congregations
Sunday School Classes or Small to Medium-sized Groups
Business Professionals , Entrepreneurs, Corporations
High School and College Students

What you can expect
• All your calls and emails will be promptly returned.
• A personal phone call from me prior to the event to make sure I understand what outcome you hope to achieve.
• Upon request media materials will be sent to you in adequate time for you to promote the event.
• Assurance that I will be at the speaking location at the agreed time to review the speaking schedule and facility.
• An energetic, well thought out and prepared presentation that not only will engage the audience, but gives useful information that can be applied to their everyday life.
• A message that will be delivered in the agreed timeframe.
• The opportunity for your audience to purchase Common Sense to Uncommon Wealth at a 20% discount.
• That I will make myself available after the talk to answer questions.
• A follow up from someone on my team after the event to make sure you are completely satisfied. (And give me any feedback on how I might improve.)

Send a request for availability and someone on my team will promptly get back to you.

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