Stepping into the Uncommon Life in 2017

It was over a year ago I committed to writing my weekly Common Sense Blog.  I must admit, I didn’t really think I would make it to 52 weeks, but with a little determination, your encouraging words and my wife’s editorial expertise, here I am writing number 52.


As we journeyed through the year, not only did we discover uncommon financial wisdom, but we gained uncommon wisdom in the simple lessons of Tom Brown Cookies, July 4th watermelons and yes, even in the mundane of health insurance.  And it didn’t stop there.

Uncommon life wisdom was found in the simplest corners of holiday traditions; in simple actions that established uncommon friendships, and even in a common handshake that yielded an uncommon opportunity. (See more in the archives at

Additionally, guest bloggers shared their uncommon wisdom from that annoying “check engine” light; when to go to the emergency room; what it takes for a successful business and even wisdom found in a chicken coop.

Each week a little nugget of wisdom was shared, but the real treasure of the fifty-one weeks can be found in the common thread binding all the messages together.  Do you see it?

The uncommon life is guided by uncommon wisdom anchored in the common of life.

It seems to me, if we want to step into an Uncommon Life we must first find the common in life. Here are some ways to start stepping into it:

Acknowledge it- Acknowledge the brilliance of knowing that the common things in life hold the secret to the uncommon.
Appreciate it– Appreciate the common. Realize that the simple things in your life and in the lives of those around you is where the seed of the uncommon life is found.
Look, Listen and See it- Hit the “pause button” daily. Look, listen and see into the common of life, but realize it’s not the common you see, but the uncommon.
Test it– True wisdom aligns with who you are.  As new wisdom is revealed, test it against your life core principles and beliefs.  In the end uncommon wisdom will always yield a clear path to follow.
Apply it- Until we apply it to our lives it’s simply a concept.  Applied wisdom truly generates the uncommon life.
Share it- Common sense, common thoughts and common actions that yield uncommon wisdom will lead to a truly uncommon life.  By definition, an uncommon life compels us to share with others the wisdom we have gained.

If I could leave you with one thought as you step into 2017……..

The uncommon life is guided by uncommon wisdom anchored in the common of life.

Happy New Year!