How Uncommon Thinking Tripled Our Investment

tripledAn uncommon life requires uncommon thinking!
Recently Connie and I committed to help support thirteen “throw away” African children at Zimbabwe Orphan Care. So we started asking, “how can we maximize the resources we’ve been given to help someone else less fortunate?” We wanted our efforts to generate at least a 300% return.  In other words, we wanted to triple our investment.   So we did and here’s how we did it:

Several times a year we host a men’s Christian breakfast gathering at our WeHope Ranch.  This past month we were honored to have 100 men in attendance.  Realizing a bunch of these guys easily spend $5 to $10 on breakfast several days a week, at the close of the gathering, I asked the group to consider putting a few “breakfast dollars” into the Zimbabwe Orphan Care basket. When we added it all up, the giving basket yielded $738.77. Since Connie and I donated the cost of the breakfast, at $2.00 a person, for a total of $200, our food investment generated a 350% return, more than tripling our efforts.  That’s what I call an uncommon return on your investment!

Here are some ideas to triple your investments:


Decide-Make a decision to get creative and think outside the box.

Find a Cause-Find a cause that disturbs you and then find an organization that is committed to improving the situation that causes your disturbance.

Take Inventory-Take an inventory of your resources, talents, connections, organizations, etc., that could be leveraged to yield uncommon returns.

Commit- Using your inventory, commit to one “something” that could yield positive results.

Take Action-Then put your one “something” idea into action and generate an uncommon return for your cause.

It’s really that simple.  And, what a better time to start than the Christmas season!

While you’re creating your own uncommon investment, I’ve got an uncommon deal for you:

Until December 16th, when you buy one of my books, Common Sense to Uncommon Wealth, for $11.95, I’ll send you an additional free book.  In addition, you’ll receive a very special 2017 calendar from Jabulani, the home of Zimbabwe Orphan Care, and I’ll make an $11.95 donation on your behalf to support their mission.

That’s right; for $11.95 (plus shipping) you’ll receive two books, a one-of-a-kind calendar, and know you’re feeding a child for twelve days in Zimbabwe, Africa. That’s a great way to triple your investment!

Won’t you help feed a child for twelve days?

And yes, an uncommon life does require uncommon thinking. Let me know how your uncommon thinking goes this Christmas season.

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