Need or Want- What Would Captain Kirk Do?

SHIELDSUP!“Shields Up!” 

When Captain Kirk gives the order, instantly the USS Starship Enterprise becomes protected from a possible hostile takeover.

Do you realize that every day you and I are confronted with a hostile enemy force that wants to control our purchasing decisions and create chaos in our financial life? Over 5,000 times a day we are bombarded much like the Enterprise with all kinds of media weapons trying to seize control of our hard earned money.  And sadly, once we lose control of our purchasing decisions, big or small, our wealth building journey becomes jeopardized and our financial dreams and goals can be destroyed.

Here are a few thoughts on how to build a deflective shield around your future purchasing decisions, using my Wealth Builder 10 Steps, that will allow you to maximize your wealth building potential, maybe even at warp speed.

First and foremost, daily, ask God to give you financial wisdom and discernment in making purchasing decisions, big or small. (Read my blog about the spiritual transfer of money).  Then as you find yourself having to make one of these decisions, think “Shields Up!” by asking two simple questions:

Is this a NEED or a WANT?

A “need” will require a purchase.  A “want”, which is usually driven by Jonesitis (Step 2) may or may not require a purchase depending on the next question…..

Is it in the budget or planned for?

If the answer is “yes” that means it is a planned purchase (Step 7), so proceed on.

If the answer is “no”, then what?

If it’s an unplanned “need”, it usually falls in two categories: Significant (large) and Insignificant (small) expenses. Significant expenses, i.e., the washing machine goes out, would be an emergency expense.  Emergency purchases are handled with an emergency fund (Step 6). That’s why you have one.

Insignificant expenses can usually be absorbed into the budget without busting the budget.

If it’s a “want” and not in the budget, and not planned for, DON’T PURCHASE IT.

Congratulations, you’ve arrived at a purchasing decision (or not).  In a couple of weeks I’ll blog about how you can maximize your purchase, once you make that decision.

As I write this it almost seems too simple.  I want to expand upon this concept; throw in a few big sounding financial words to make you think I’m some kind of financial guru.  But it really is that simple.

Commit to daily guidance, ask a few questions, get control of your purchasing decisions and then you and your family will reap the benefits of a Godly wealth building journey. You will boldly go where no common man has gone before.

But the only way it will happen is if you take the helm of your wealth building starship and issue the order every day, “Shields Up!”, and put your shield of protection to work.

P.S. Live Long and Prosper

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