How am I doing?

HowamIdoing“You just gave that person a great compliment”. 

Those were the words I heard from my dad as I hung up the phone. It was one of those rare occasions when my dad overheard me asking one of my business associates for their opinion.  He went on to explain, “when you truly ask someone for their opinion that is one of the greatest compliments one can offer”.  As with some many teachable moments, the lesson is not only learned in the moment, but for years and years.


In December of last year I made a commitment to write a weekly blog for the 52 weeks of 2016 –  a blog with an emphasis on building Uncommon Wealth, but more importantly an overriding message that I hoped would guide as all toward a more Uncommon Life.

As we start the second half of the year I want to do a better job of delivering a message that can benefit you on your life journey.  I need your opinion.  Yes, I just gave you a great compliment.  I truly would appreciate your feedback.

Let me know how I’m doing.

Please take a few minutes and complete my  Reader’s Survey of 16 questions.

And just for the record, the surveys are anonymous.


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