Finding Wisdom in Uncommon Places

 I’m continually amazed at how much wisdom can be found on our path to an uncommon life, if we actively look for it.  Enjoy today’s guest blog. ~JP

Most people have walked right past me.
Rarely do I get even a glance.
And even when acknowledgement comes my way I’m quickly dismissed as “insignificant”.

Over the years, I must admit my enthusiasm for sharing my wisdom has diminished, but all that changed a couple of weeks ago when I saw a proud Dad with tears in his eyes watch as his young son leaned over to hear my wisdom. The look in that Dad’s eyes reminded me that the wisdom I share is not only for the young, but for all.

You’ll find my wisdom……….
walking across a parking lot….
hiding under your car seat…
buried between the couch cushions at home…
rolling around in your desk drawer…
jingling at the bottom of your pocket…

When you choose to listen, my wisdom will always speak to you.  My message will change to meet you in your current need.

It’s not that I’m made of copper, or that I have financial value that gives me my worth.  My worth is found in the wisdom you can gain from my message.  A wisdom that applies not only to your wealth building journey, but to your journey of building an uncommon life.  Even though I’m somewhat tarnished with time, as you listen for my words of wisdom you’ll hear me say:

Failure shapes a successful future:
Abraham Lincoln lost five elections and his first business failed.

Put your trust in the right place:  God.

You are part of a greater cause.

You live in the greatest country in world:
The United States of America.

Opportunities are everywhere, and with a little effort you can turn small opportunities into significant results.

From this moment forward I ask you, no, I beg you, to look for me in uncommon places. And the next time you see me, pick me up, take a closer look and let me speak wisdom into your life and maybe more importantly, the life of that young one alongside you.



Thanks to our special guest blogger and to the dad who sent me his story about his 3-year old son picking up a penny for the first time in a parking lot.  Send me your penny wisdom stories to share with my readers.

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