No “Me” Strings Attached

There we were, running down Oakhurst Drive.  Even though it was almost 40 years ago I remember it like it was yesterday.  Sally was not only one my top restaurant managers, but a friend who had fought many a battle with me in previous years.  Redheaded with freckles and very much out of shape, Sally came to me with a strong desire to once and for all conquer her weight challenge.

So off we went that first day as running buddies.  A quarter mile into her new beginning I glanced to my left and saw a red-faced and gasping-for-air human being. It was soon afterwards her broken voice uttered, “I need to slow down”.  And what did I do?  I kept running because I was more concerned about MY workout and MY physical fitness. Sally slowly came to a stop, turned around and walked back to where she started.

All Sally needed was someone to slow down, maybe just walk with her for a while, and then help her find that person she so wanted to be deep down inside.  But no, I was too worried about my “me” to turn and offer an unconditional hand of love and friendship.

Sally, I’m sorry for that.

As we approach Valentine’s Day this year I’m reminded of the true meaning of the day- a meaning that is grounded in love and friendship without any “me” strings attached.

You probably know by now that I’m on a mission.  As the Blues Brothers said, “I’m on a mission fromGod” to help folks build wealth The Right Way. There are a lot of people out there struggling for financial freedom or simply trying to figure this wealth stuff out.  They need someone to slow down, maybe just walk with them until they catch their breath or can get a vision of their future.  If you glance to your left, you’ll see these folks in your families, neighborhoods and communities.

How about we work together this Valentine’s Day and give them an unconditional hand of love and friendship; an uncommon Valentine’s Day gift? For the first 10 folks that email me, I’ll send one of my hardcover gift books, Common Sense to Uncommon Wealth, absolutely FREE with a personal note or any message you want to include, to anyone you choose. That’s right-FREE; no “me” strings attached.  Just email me their name, address and any message you choose.


Let’s be sure and glance to our left this year on Valentine’s Day, ready to extend an unconditional hand of love and friendship. That’s an uncommon gift that goes beyond dollars and cents.

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Jeff Pinkerton


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