Two-Steppin’ with a 5% Pause


Back in the day, if it was a Thursday night you could bet that I was headed to Lakeview with my Aggie Corps buddies. Lakeview was the largest dancehall in the area, maybe in the state. I quickly figured out the guys who had mastered the Texas Two-Step were in demand.  Watching the boots scoot around the floor, I observed the dance consisted of two STEPS and a very cool PAUSE. The PAUSE was the key.

Let’s do a little Wealth Builder Two-Steppin’ by combining Step 2-Reject Jonesitis and Step 3-Act Like a Wealth Builder with a PAUSE in between. 

Here’s what happens in that PAUSE:  You apply what I call the 5% RULE by asking the question, “How can I improve this financial decision by at least 5% to enhance my Wealth Building?”  

So, here’s your dance lesson:

STEP 2, PAUSE, STEP 3.  Repeat over and over and over again. 

STEP: REJECT the way everybody else is doing it.

PAUSE:  APPLY THE 5% RULE to maximize your wealth building.


Now let’s try it out on the wealth building dance floor:

You STEP into a Subway sandwich shop with a friend.

PAUSE- 5% Rule!  Instead of each of you buying a 6” sandwich, you split a 12” sandwich and save 23%. (Wow, that’s better than 5%!)

You STEP out of the Subway acting like a Wealth Builder.

You STEP up to the checkout counter at your dentist’s office.  

PAUSE, 5% Rule!  Chances are you’ll receive a 5% cash discount or better, if you ask. 

You STEP out of the dentist’s office acting like a Wealth Builder.

You STEP into the car dealership to buy a new car.

PAUSE, 5% Rule! Instead of buying “brand new” you buy a demo with less than 5,000 miles and save thousands of dollars.  (My guess is you’ll save at least 8% or more).  

You STEP out of the dealership acting like a Wealth Builder.

As you STEP up to your refrigerator you see the water filter indicator is blinking red, telling you that it’s time to put in a new one.  

PAUSE, the 5% rule! Instead of running down to local hardware store to buy a filter, you purchase in bulk online and save 66%. 

You STEP back to your favorite chair acting like a Wealth Builder.

Just by adding the 5% Rule to every one of your financial decisions, you’ll experience Uncommon Wealth.  And remember, the 5% Rule is on top of everything else I teach.  Folks, we’re talking about hundreds of thousands and potentially millions of dollars over your lifetime when you combine the Wealth Builder 10 Steps and the 5% Rule.

There are so many ways to use the 5% rule. Let me know how you’re going to apply it.

Let’s dance!

Jeff Pinkerton

Guiding Folks to Uncommon Wealth 

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